Importance of supervision in psychology

Importance of supervision in psychology

It is very important for the professionals working in the field of mental health to go through the supervision process in the process of gaining experience in terms of developing their professional competencies.It is an indication that they will be more successful in the room they are in as a therapist. As a result of learning the knowledge and skills to be applied in therapy, as well as the theoretical knowledge learned at school or from books, and receiving opinions and information from an experienced colleague in order to develop this knowledge. While the therapist realizes some of the mistakes that he/she has made with supervision, some suggestions are given about staying objective in therapy and transferring what happened in the therapist's personal life to the therapy.The importance of each therapist going through their own therapy process is to prevent them from transferring to the client when they encounter the processes they have experienced in their own lives in the therapy and to prevent sensitive points from being triggered during the session.

There are two types of supervision;

1-Individual: In the supervision sessions, information and methods are shared in order to evaluate the information of the case and its suitability for therapy, to establish the therapeutic relationship and cooperation, and to determine the goals. In addition, making directions that will help the psychologist to develop, helping to determine the ethical rules and framework and overseeing its implementation are among the possibilities offered by the supervisions.

2-Group: Persons from the same professional group make case discussions and formulations about the cases they presented by hiding the names of their clients.

It's normal for every therapist to have cases where they get stuck from time to time, and they will need support in such cases. There is no need for supervision for therapists who continue to receive training throughout their professional life.

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